Records Reproduction Services

Records Reproduction

Appleby & Company’s staff will prepare your subpoena or authorization in order to obtain medical records, documents or additional information on your case.

After your subpoena or authorization is prepared, Appleby & Company’s team will contact the appropriate custodian(s) to learn serving procedures and facilitate service of the subpoena / authorization.

Don’t spend time where you can save it. Allow Appleby & Company to take care of any court searches you might need.

Unsure where the custodian of records is located? Appleby & Company’s team can research the address of any possible location, and track down the information you need.

It doesn’t matter if the original document is in a major medical facility or in your office, Appleby & Company’s copy-operatives are equipped with sleek, portable scanners to easily scan documents to our office for immediate processing.

Once records have been obtained, Appleby & Company’s trained staff will confirm your order details, to ensure that your request is exactly as you need it for your case.

Whether the job is 2 CD’s or 75, Appleby & Company can easily duplicate CD’s or DVD’s, utilizing our streamline burning and disc labeling technology.

Once your records have been reviewed and are ready to go, Appleby & Company’s optical character recognition processor allows typed text to be acknowledged and is searchable. No need to look forever for that left knee anymore.

Once your subpoena or authorization is served, our team will stay in touch with the custodian to ensure the production of your records is efficient.

Appleby & Company’s staff is capable of handling any of your printing needs. We offer two-hole punched, stapled, or rubber banded records based on what you need. 2 copies? 250 copies? No worries.

Appleby & Company’s team of technical experts can incorporate your current processing systems, such as ProLaw integration. Ask today to learn more about custom solutions with Appleby & Company.

If you’re concerned about expenses, allow Appleby & Company to offer a competitive proposal.

If you’re tired of dealing with the clutter of film sheets, allow our team to simply digitize your x-ray scans to a compact disc.

Appleby & Company has trained personnel ready to summarize & index your medical records. Another thing to cross off your list!

The Appleby & Company secure records repository archives the documents that have been obtained on your case, for your convenience.

Running out of time to call-in your request? Appleby & Company’s online ordering portal is available 24/7 for your convenience.

Each page of your record production will have numbered pages in the bottom right-hand corner (unless otherwise requested).

From chronological filing, to indexing, to the final service with Maximus, Appleby & Company’s IMR processing department has extensive experience handling your requests.

Appleby & Company knows it can be tedious to index and sort all of the medical records in your file. No matter what the QME doctor might require, Appleby & Company can complete your QME needs from start to finish.

complementary services

Client Web Acess

Our web portal has all the tools you need to complete your project, all with no charge to any of our clients.

Records Archive

Records obtained by our office are securely stored in our archive. Need a file previously copied? No worries. No additional cost.

Additional sources

Our staff will notify you if we notice any additional source locations while reviewing documents for your case. The service dates and locations can all be sent to you for free, once obtained.

Authorization Retrieval

Obtaining a signed release can sometimes send you through an endless maze of corresponding back and forth. Let us take the stress off your shoulders, for free!

In-Office Presentations

Learn more about the expansive services we have to offer by setting up a complimentary, in-depth introduction session with our client services team. We would love to meet with you to set up your simple solutions.

Status Checks On Every Order

Curious about which step your project is on? Appleby & Company’s customer service team would love to walk you through the status for each individual order you have requested. Don’t worry about the cost! We’ll take care of it.

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