Laserfiche Desktop Document Shortcut

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A little info on the not so well documented desktop document shortcuts that are new to Laserfiche 8.x.  These are shortcuts or links from email or your desktop that you can click on that will open up the document or folder in the laserfiche client.  Basicly a XML file with a “.lfe” extension that points to a Laserfiche EntryID (Found by right clicking and selecting properties for either a folder or document).


<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?>
<repository name=”RepositoryName”>
<entry id=”1″ />

Well, even less documented is the fact you can add a shortcut to a specific page by simply adding page=”2″ to the <entry> element.
Note: the page number is a 0 based index. page=”2″ is really page 3 of the document.

<entry id=”1″ page=”2″ />

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