FortisBlue 1.5 Released

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Westbrook Technologies is pleased to announce that FortisBlue 1.5 is now available. The 1.5 release includes the FortisBlue Drive, a virtual hard drive that provides integration with Microsoft® Office and most other business software. The release offers a FortisBlue SharePoint® Connector which is available at no charge for a limited time. Use the SharePoint Connector to access FortisBlue from SharePoint and view files with the FortisBlue viewer. Documents can be moved and copied between the two repositories.


As a part of the 1.5 release, the feature set of FortisBlue Workflow supports more complex workflows and is no longer a component of the core product. It is purchased separately. Customers who purchased FortisBlue prior to this release will continue to receive software upgrades to FortisBlue Workflow at no charge.


Other optional modules available with the 1.5 release are: FortisBlue Database Lookup and Update which enables users to extract data from Access, SQL and Oracle and other databases to update FortisBlue index data; and a connector for PlanetPress variable printing software.
FortisBlue 1.5 also offers a number of additional quality improvements to make your work lives easier.


Other new features in FortisBlue 1.5 include:


  • Related documents feature that enables mapping of related fields to link documents that are involved in one business process
  • Redesign of the FortisBlue Audit Log that includes the ability to audit using the
    document ID
  • Ability to import XML data
  • Free connector for scanning from Ricoh® Multifunction Devices that can be downloaded separately


For more information about FortisBlue and how it can improve office workflow contact us today.

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