Laserfiche Shortcut Attributes

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A common question from clients about Laserfiche is, “How do I make Laserfiche automatically open up my repository?”


The answer is very simple and can be done with the following shortcut attributes:

-L”Repository_Name” Specifies the Laserfiche repository that will be accessed when the client is started. This must match the exact name of your repository.

-W Specifies that you want to use Windows authentication.

-EEntryID Specifies Laserfiche to open to a specific file/folder that corresponds with “Entry ID”. This is useful if you have a folder you want the client to always open to, or to achieve some basic integration with another application.

-N”User_Name Specifies a user account you want to login as. This cannot be used with Windows authentication. This is extremely useful for kiosk type setups for public use.

-P”Password” Specifies a user password you want to login as when also using the -N attribute.


To use the above attributes, you will need to right click on your Laserfiche shortcut and go to properties. You will want to go into the “Target” field on the Shortcut tab. It should look something like the following on a 64bit machine.

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Laserfiche\Client 8\LF.exe”

You will want to add the needed attributes to the end of the Target field like follows.

“C:\Program Files (x86)\Laserfiche\Client 8\LF.exe” -W -L”Demo”

This will make it so every time the shorcut is clicked, it will automatically log in to my repository named “Demo” using windows authentication.

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