Laserfiche 8.3.1 Server and Client Released

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Laserfiche 8.3.1 Server and Client have been released. Among the fixes that our users will benefit most from.

  • Users with read access to a document can now properly copy pages from that document. (84984)
  • Laserfiche now supports a new trustee attribute: [Search]ShowDropDownLists. Use this attribute to control how the Laserfiche Client displays list fields in the Search Pane. Set the value to true to display list fields as a drop-down list. Set the value to false or remove the attribute to display list fields as a text box. If the text box is empty, placing the mouse cursor over the text box will display a tooltip of the list field values. (81417)
  • In certain situations, the Document Viewer may not properly detect that you have created or removed a document relationship in the Metadata pane, causing the Save toolbar button to remain disabled. This issue is now resolved. (85459)
  • Scanning now automatically selects a value in a dynamic field if there is only 1 possible value. (85416)
  • The ApplyToAllUsers registry value documented in Knowledge Base article 1012903 has been renamed to StoreSettingsInHKLM. (85812)
  • Snapshot now again tries to replace the %(PrintJobName) token in the Name option in the Laserfiche Snapshot print dialog box before sending the document to Laserfiche. (84588)

There are many more fixes, but these are the ones that in particular affected our users. For a full list, just head on to Laserfiche’s support site.

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