But does it integrate?

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But does it integrate?

But does it integrate? This is a common request we get in early talks when discussion options with new and even existing clients. The answer is almost always, YES!

The Laserfiche Suite of software offers the following, put in the order we will usually attempt to integrate in order to get the most seamless operation for you and your employees. Remember, we want friction to be as painless as possible when adopting a new piece of software as much as you do.

  • Laserfiche Workflow Engine – Full drag and drop development kit at your fingertips without needing developer
    • Native SQL operations
    • Native web (POST/GET) integration
    • Native OCR text parsing
    • Full Microsoft .NET support including external libraries for when you still need more
  • Laserfiche Snapshot – Any application you can print, you can put directly into Laserfiche. Combined with Workflow’s text parsing, we likely can automatically store and index your document
  • Laserfiche Connector – Put a Laserfiche button inside your line of business applications. Allows one click search, scan and more functionality without creating deep integration
  • Laserfiche Import Agent – Can your application output a structured file somewhere? Import Agent can likely process it, combined with the workflow engine we may be in business
  • Laserfiche SDK (Software Development Kit) – When the previous options are not good enough, you can always directly integrate. The SDK supports nearly any action that Laserfiche can do

Some of the most common interrogations we get are the following, if you have these you can rest safe knowing there is a way to solve your problem.

  • Power School
  • Aeries
  • Analytic
  • FAMOUS Software
  • Quickbooks
  • Smarte

Your application could be next!

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