Announcement - Free Empower Pass Winners!

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Announcement - Free Empower Pass Winners!

A couple of weeks ago we sent out a request to our customers to fill out a survey and let us know how Laserfiche has transformed how you do business. The carrot – 5 free All-Access Laserfiche Empower Conference passes to the Long Beach Conference in February 2019. With an absolutely overwhelming response from our customer base; we are proud to announce the WINNERS!!

Cynthia Martin – Diocese of Fresno

Beth Whitney – Errikson LLC

Chelse Chavez – Visalia Adult School

Leslie Reed – Mountain View Cold Storage

Joyce Nunes – Tulare City School District

Some of the FANTASTIC quotes!

Laserfiche has transformed how we run our Accounts Payable office. It has literally saved me 8 hours a week, just using Quickfields to identify and store documents. We are currently instituting Laserfiche Forms and are developing our first process using our Request to Attend Conference Form. This will streamline our approval process for travel and reimbursement of employees. As we continue to grow and change by making use of Laserfiche services, I see savings in time and money and most of all frustration! -Lindsay Unified

By simplifying our new hire application process to moving it through our employee onboarding process. That’s just one small piece of how it’s helped our business! There are too many to list. Laserfiche is an amazing! -Mountain View Cold Storage

Working with Laserfiche has helped me transform the way that data is stored and recalled in our organization. So many records were improperly kept and considered “lost” because they were too difficult to find. With Laserfiche, I have been able to use this program to re-create our legislative history and make it available not only to staff but to the public. Our expedited access to information has changed the way the public sees our organization, by providing documents, not just at all, but quickly, and now they believe our transparency promise where before they believed we were conspiring to hide info. The reality was we just couldn’t find what they were looking for. -City of Seaside

Thank you all for your participation and we look forward to seeing you at Empower 2019!

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