Celebrating 60 Years of Service

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Celebrating 60 Years of Service

When James L. Appleby started out as a Private Investigator in 1958, technology was basic and not serving the industry as efficiently as possible. During this time, Appleby & Company did the work to create new and innovative ways of processing investigation and records reproduction requests, catapulting the world of litigation support into the proficiency that we experience today. This is all because of the initial work done by Appleby & Company in the earlier years.

What We’ve Accomplished

Over the past 6 decades, Appleby & Company have had the opportunity to contribute to the many stages of the litigation support industry as it has transformed. In 1965, after spending 7 years cultivating a solid investigations business, Appleby & Company saw that there was a great need for more simplified and streamlined attorney and litigation services. After this addition to the company, our office has been able to support attorneys and insurance companies all over the state of California and beyond, while continuing to search for further advancements to create the perfect plan for each client.

Why We’re Chosen Year After Year

We know the game, because we helped create it. When you task Appleby & Company to handle your records reproduction & investigative needs, you can trust our procedures and methods because they have stood the test of time. Our seasoned experience lends us the knowledge that is required to ensure that your project is being handled in a timely and accurate manner. Our service list is always being sculpted to meet the needs that YOU have. With the latest addition of our Record Summary services, Independent Medical Review (IMR) preparation & service, & Qualified Medical Examination preparation & service, our staff are ready to tackle the tasks that drain time and resources from your organization. The simplicity of your working world has, and always will be, the number one goal at Appleby & Company.

Where We’re Going Next

In an ever-changing industry, one thing appears to stay the same: Appleby & Company is invested in client accomplishments. No matter what success looks like for your organization, there is a custom plan that can be created for you. Request more information to learn about how your working world is simplified with Appleby & Company.