Outsourcing Your File Prep - Save the Stress

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Outsourcing Your File Prep - Save the Stress

The time spent by claims personnel tediously prepping files for service is time you can’t get back. With Appleby & Company, we simplify the way you handle and process your claims. The below services are just a few ways Appleby & Company supports claim handlers. Email us today to get started with any of our copy or investigative services.

Independent Medical Review (IMR) Prep

IMR deadlines can be challenging to keep control of with the busy workload claims personnel handle each day. Appleby & Company’s Independent Medical Review (IMR) department is knowledgeable in the process and requirements of Maximus for proper service of IMR documents. From chronological filing, to indexing, to the final service with Maximus, our IMR processing department has extensive experience handling your medical review request.

Qualified Medical Examination (QME) Prep

We know it can be an endless process to index and sort all of the medical records in your file. No matter what the QME doctor might require, Appleby & Company can complete your QME needs from start to finish. Let us know what type of customization is needed for your QME request. We would be happy to handle it on your behalf.

Record Summaries & Indexing

Sorting through any amount of medical reports to locate your desired information will drain your in-office man-hours. When you outsource your records summarization and indexing tasks to Appleby & Company, our trained personnel read through each report, per your instructions, and outline the basic bones of the report. All summaries and indexes are digital and interactive within our secure portal for your convenience. Order your summary and index at the time you place your order and forget about the rest! We can also add on any special requests post completion, if needed.

Large Volume Printing & Scanning

When you need to digitize or duplicate something on-site at a facility, office, or other location, our staff deploy our skilled copy operatives out in the field to quickly scan the records. When these documents are scanned, they are almost instantly transmitted to our professional office staff for further quality control and handling, according to your instructions.


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